Photoshop Magic

A photo collage created for  Christ Lutheran Church in Mt Shasta, Ca.

Joaquin Farias is doing  pioneering work in the field of neurology and brain plasticity. Like Agatha Christie's famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, Joaquin Farias is solving  medical mysteries that confound the medical establishment.This was a gift of appreciation and humor for Joaquin after my sessions with him.

I was asked to do a poster for a family reunion with the theme "Tell the next generation" taken from Psalms in the Bible. I wove together photos to tell the story of the immigration and pioneer pastoral service of the some of the first Norwegian ancestors who came to Wisconsin in 1851.  A photo of the original communion cup brought from Norway became the center focus, along with the requested excerpt from Psalms.

A client wanted to send a funny Valentine to an old boyfriend who lives in Washington, D.C. and who has political ambitions. I made him into a giant, towering over the Capitol.

More  Photoshop Magic

Many different hues are possible

Have you ever wanted to change your identity ?

Now with Photoshop magic, you can!

My artist friend Anita, whose Hebrew name Hannah Yitzchaka means"Comfort and Laughter,"  works at a home for elders. I wanted to bring out the joy in this photo of Anita singing with an inter-generational group of her elders and young children.  I replaced the rather drab background with a flower display and a Valentine's Day angel, added a couple of energy swirls and a "torn stamp" frame.


A memorial for my father

One night  I felt so lonesome, and to console myself, I created this photo collage placing my father in the mythical "Land of the Immortals."

Henny Penny goes to the Market

Chickens are remarkably photogenic, don't you feel?  The most challenging part of creating this  photo collage was making sure that the shadows of the giant chicken and the table legs looked realistic.  

Create a poster or banner for your workshop, family reunion, or commemorative occasion.  Any event can be made more meaningful with a graphic element.

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"Edward Snowden - Cat and Mouse Game"

Edward Snowden smelled a rat and blew the whistle on the National Security Agency for its illegal acts of spying on American citizens.  As a consequence, he is now living in exile in Russia.

Black marks removed, color adjusted and image sharpened

Photo collage 

Philadelphia Community Farm

‚ÄčContemplating the mystery, of the passage of time

This haunting photo of an abandoned Southern plantation provided the setting for a ghostly photo collage of family members, dancing "fairy folk" and my own sweet kitty peering into the scene from above.