In 1937 my father's family embarked  on a three-month tour of Europe with a special emphasis on Norway, the land of our ancestors. During this trip my fourteen-year-old father took many photos and wrote faithfully in a leather-bound diary every night. After my father passed on I was given his childhood dairy and  a pile of old photos. I researched the Internet to identify and match photos to my father's account of the trip.

Many of us live far from our roots and the need to connect with one's family and the desire to document family celebrations and preserve family history has never been greater.  Both E-books and Print on Demand companies such as Blurb, Bookmobile, KDP Amazon and IngramSpark  have revolutionized the publishing world. Today, anyone can create and publish their own book for a modest fee. Hiring a skilled artist and designer will ensure that your final product is of the highest standards and a worthy keepsake for generations to come.

A Mother - Daughter Trip

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Putting together your family book is a labor of love and often a detective hunt as various pieces of the puzzle come together. Family stories, photos, memories - all are transformed into a brand new creation to commemorate, celebrate and preserve your family's history.

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A Mother - Daughter Trip

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